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                                      Sewing machine maintenance knowledge

                                      Use the sewing machine to do the cleaning and lubrication ground, in order to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

                                       1. Sewing cleanup

                                       Screw (1) feed dog clean remove the needle plate and feed dog between clearing cloth hair, dust, and add a small amount of sewing machine oil.
                                       (2) spindle bed clean spindle bed is the core of the sewing machine, the places are most prone to failure and, therefore, should always remove dirt and add a small amount of sewing machine oil.
                                       (3) to clean the surface of various parts of the sewing machine and other parts inside the panel should be regularly cleaned.

                                      2. Sewing machine lubrication

                                      You must use a special sewing machine oil. Sewing a day or a few days after continuous use should be fully applied once the oil, if between uses fuel, should make a turn machine idle time, the oil fully infiltrate and throw the excess oil, then clean soft cloth head and countertops clean, to avoid soiling sewing material. Ji then threading sewing rags, use sewing thread wiping motion, throw the excess traces of oil, up to date there is no traces of oil on the rag, and then formally sewing.

                                       Refueling sites are: each hole (1) machine heads, lubricate the shaft and connected to the shaft member. Movable part (2) interior of the panel member and the parts connected. Lubrication presser bar and needle bar and means connected thereto. Activities Service (3) the lower part of the plate to wipe the machine and less add some oil.

                                       Each filling hole and the amount of fuel refueling sites do not have too much, one or two drops on the line.

                                      Secondly, sewing machine maintenance should note the following:

                                       1. After the work is completed, the needle will be inserted into the pinhole plate, raise the presser foot, but also to cover the head with a hood, to dust debris intrusion.
                                       2. Beginning work, check the main parts, riding up the severity of how, with or without a special sound, the needle is normal and so on, if found abnormal phenomenon, should be timely maintenance.
                                       3. After using the machine for quite some time, to carry out a major overhaul, such as found in large parts wear, to replace a new one.